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Thank you for visiting my company's web site. My name is David Munro, and I am the owner of Ornum Properties. I established the business in 2005, after relocating back into the area with my family.

I have been involved in the real estate business just over 26 years now. My parents have always owned a rental property, so I learned early on how to operate, manage and maintain rental properties.

I have held my Real Estate License in two states. The state of Florida and New York. I worked for a mortgage company, and have a degree in accounting.

I started buying and selling property in the early 90's here in Otsego County. I currently own four properties and manage six other. With a combined total unit count of twenty one units.

Business is growing and I am now offering my services state wide. Take look at the services page and give me a call to set an appointment to meet and discuss your property needs.


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